Youth Resources


Youth Resources


We live in an unprecedented age, with access to information like never before. Here are some suggestions on where to go to take advantage of the resources out there. 

Growing In Christ

Instead of binging Netflix, why not feed your soul with reflections on doctrine, apologetics, Scripture study, and following Jesus? We've got some special channels set up for our youth on RightNow Media. Log in, and head to "Youth Start Here." 

Bible Study

Looking to go a little deeper in your reading and understanding of the word? Here are some resources that might help you:

Study Tools

  • Bible Gateway - easy to use Bible search and home to the IVP online commentaries.
  • ESV Bible Online - a great text available online
  • YouVersion - an fantastic Bible app for your phone
  • BibleStudyTools - multiple translations of the Bible, word study tools, dictionaries, lexicons and more!
  • The Blue Letter Bible - great for word studies!
  • LuminaBible -'s fantastic online tool for studying the Scripture
  • Online Commentaries - AFTER you've done the work of understanding what the Bible SAYS and what the original authors MEANT, THEN you can read how others have understood the passage. 

Reading/Study Methods