FCC Staff


FCC Staff


Rick John

Rick John is our Lead Pastor at Fellowship Community Church. Rick comes to us from New Jersey where he pastored for nearly thirty years. Rick's passion is to see us develop "Disciple Makers" at FCC so we can fulfill the Great Commission. Pastor Rick is married to Betsy John, and the two of them love hanging out with their three grandkids. Rick is also quite the baseball enthusiast, loves to golf when he has time, and loves being the Pastor at FCC! You can contact Pastor Rick at 303-928-7104 or

Ed McCampbel is our Pastor of Worship Arts. Ed spent most of his childhood in Colorado. He and his wife Darlene have two children. One of his passions is to see people move from being spectators in worship to participators in worship. He enjoys going to live shows, watching movies, and vacations with his family. Ed summarizes his ministry with a quote from A.W. Tozer’s Book, The Pursuit of God: ‘Others before me have gone much further into these holy mysteries than I have done, but if my fire is not large it is yet real, and there may be those who can light their candle at its flame’. You can contact Ed at (303) 928-7106 or

David Carter is our Pastor of Youth Ministries. He is husband to Alice, father to two children whom he adores, and a long-time minister of the gospel to youth and their families. With over twenty years of experience investing in youth, David's biggest priorities are championing parents & guardians to be disciple-makers of their youth, surrounding our youth with adults who love Jesus, and giving youth a chance to practice adult discipleship while being the church. David also enjoys reading, playing video games, Ultimate frisbee, and hiking. Contact David at 303.928.7103 or

Marie Welch

Marie Welch is the Director of Operations at FCC. She has been at Fellowship Community Church since 1995. Her passion is to enhance and support the mission of bringing glory to God through transformed lives by providing the external and discernible structure that shapes the spiritual life of the Body of Christ. Marie is married to Rich Welch, the two of them love being together with their children and grandkids and just enjoying life. You can contact Marie at 303-928-7102 or

Dave and Nancy Bruscher

Dave and Nancy Bruscher  Dave is our Director of Children's Ministries at FCC and has been at FCC for over 25 years. He has a passion for children and seeing them grow in Christ from infancy all the way through their childhood years. He also loves seeing the volunteer staff catch the vision of discipling kids, and showing them love and support along the way. They are also the commanders for our AWANA program. Dave and Nancy have four children and six grand-children. When not involved at the church, they love to ride and tour on their motorcycles. You can contact Dave at 303-928-7110 or

Olene Forcey

Olene Forcey is the Assistant Director of our Children's Ministries. Olene's passion in ministry is to come alongside those who God puts in her path and encourage and love them in their walk with Christ. Olene is married to Stephen Forcey, and they love working on their small business together. Olene loves to garden, cook, and read. You can contact Olene at 303-928-7111 or

Doug Emrick

Doug Emrick is the Assistant Facilities Manager at FCC. Doug, his wife, Eileen, and their family have been coming to FCC since 1993.  Doug and Eileen love spending time with family, having cook-outs and going to movies. Doug personally loves playing bass guitar, camping, hiking, and gardening. Doug is sold out to serving the Lord well, being a disciple of Christ, and being a leader to his family in the good times and bad. You can contact Doug at 303-868-8498 or

 Eilene Emrick is the Front Office Secretary at FCC. Her Husband Doug is the Assistant Facilities Manager at FCC. Doug, Eileen, and their family have been coming to FCC since 1993.  Doug and Eileen love spending time with family, having cook-outs and going to movies.  You can contact Eilene at 303-928-7101 or