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Encoruage0gram   April 24, 2019

Posted by Pastor Rick John on

Encoruage0gram   April 24, 2019
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I want to thank each of you who attended our Easter Sunday services at FCC. We were blessed as a staff to see the love and encouragement you shared with everyone.  The students and volunteers did a fantastic job at the breakfast and you responded by donating over $6000 for their summer mission trip.  It was a true blessing to sing with our worship team.  We all left the building rejoicing!  Pray that the truth of the gospel will echo in the hearts and lives of all who attended.
Here is a story I found in a commentary on Micah.
During World War II General Douglas MacArthur wanted an island airfield from which to launch his forces and so he invaded the Indonesian island of Biak. Six months after they secured the island, in June 1944, a chaplain named Leon Maltby arrived on the island to minister to the troops. He had a 20x60 canvas structure to serve as his chapel but nothing in it except for a floor made out of packed coral and a roof made from a yellow parachute. So with the help of some carpenters he built pews, a platform, and an altar.
He wanted to serve communion but had nothing to serve it with. He found some unused 50 caliber bullets. He used new shells because he didn’t want to use any that had been used to kill. He pulled out the lead, gunpowder, and firing caps. He welded them, pressed them into the right shape, and shined them. Each took about two-hours to complete and he made enough for 80 communion cups which he used to serve his men.
In 1945 Chaplain Maltby sailed into Japan and was actually the first Protestant chaplain to enter Japan. He became good friends with a local Japanese pastor and used that same communion set to serve the Lord’s Supper with him, which moved the Japanese pastor deeply. The set is now on display at the Veterans Museum in Daytona Beach where a sign reads, “The pastor clearly understood the significance of ‘Instruments of death becoming a symbol of eternal life.’”
Stephen Dempster, Micah: Two Horizons OT Commentary (Eerdmans, 2017), p. 131.
I was blessed to read this simple story of a faithful chaplain.  We are blessed today because of the cross.  It was an instrument of death that has become for us a symbol of eternal life!  May we go forth today to share the good news.  Our Savior has conquered death and given life to all who will trust in Him!
I invite you to visit this Colorado Family Action website. You will find a list of legislative bills we need to pray over.  You will also find contact information for our elected officials.  Let us pray and act and pray some more.  May God shed his grace on us here in Colorado.
Our Wednesday night Bible study on James 2:1-13 resumes tonight at 6:30pm.  I invite all of you to attend as often as you can!  
This Sunday at FCC, Rob Cupp will be preaching.  He is a very special man of God.  You will be blessed to hear his message.  May Jesus be glorified this Sunday as we worship our Living, Loving Lord!
Be encouraged,
Pastor Rick