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Jesus left behind a prayer meeting….

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Dig Deeper January 12, 2014

Sermon: Jesus Left Behind a Prayer Meeting

Acts 1:14

1.  Discuss the statement: “Jesus’ mission has a church”

2.  In John 14:16 Jesus calls the Holy Spirit “another Advocate.” How is the ministry of the Holy Spirit today like the ministry of Jesus when he was on the earth? How is it different?

3.As you study the story of Thomas in John 20:24-29, how do you identify with Thomas? Do you have some honest skepticism in your faith that you need to expose to Jesus?

4.Compare Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:45-49, John 20:21 and Acts 1:8

5.  Why is patience important as we wait for the Lord’s Return?

6.  James 5:7-11 Discuss how dramatically Jesus’ situation changed when He ascended back into heaven.

     --See John 17:5, 24 and Acts 1:9-11. How do we know that Jesus made it to the right hand of the Father? What is Jesus doing today? Hebrews 1:3, 7:25, Psalm 110