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The Legacy of Your Life!

Posted by Pastor Rick John on

Dig Deeper  January 13, 2015

Sermon:  The Legacy of your Life

Text: John 10:10

  1. In Luke 8:14, Jesus says that worries, riches and pleasures of life on this planet can choke us. Discuss some of the ways you have seen this happen in your journey through life.  What are some ways you can keep from being choked?
  2. Why did Jesus give his psuche life and not only his Bios life for us?  Mark 10:45
  3. Jesus claims that He lays down his life and has the authority to raise it up again in John 10:17-18. How can He make such a claim?  Has history shown us that He did follow this plan?
  4. Discuss the application of the command to lay down our lives for others in 1 John 3:16.
  5. Why is the command to take hold of eternal life pictured as a battle in 1 Timothy 6:12?  How does 6:11 help us to win this “good” fight?