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the Lion-like lamb

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Dig Deeper November 23, 2015

Series: Envisioning the Glory of Jesus

Title: The Lion-like Lamb

Text: Revelation 5:1-7

  1. Why do prophets and angels long to see the fulfilment of prophecy? 1 Peter 1:10-12
  2. How would you summarize Jesus’ emotions in Luke 19:41? Why did he cry?
  3. Review the prophecy of Jacob concerning Judah in Genesis 49:9-10.
  4. What is significant about the shoot in Isaiah 11:1, 53:2? How does this image illustrate the life of Jesus on earth?
  5. Why is the Lamb at the center in Revelation 5:7? How can you keep Him at the center of your life?
  6. Explain why Pastor Rick said as the Lion He is Able, as the Lamb He is Worthy?
  7. Give praise to the Father for sending the Lion-like Lamb to earth. Give Praise to the Lamb who will be with us forever. Revelation 22:1-5.


Larry Palmer November 25, 2015 9:59am

The prophets longed to see the fulfillment of prophsey hoping it would occur in their lifetime. The angels longed to see prophsey fulfilled so they would have a greater understanding it's intent.

The shoot of Jesse refers to the coming of Jesus. The bearing of fruit fortellls the emergence of Christianity through Christ. In chapter 53 v. 2 we are told that Jesus will be seen externally as ordinary, unimpressive.

The Lamb is at the center because it represents Christ and His purity making Him the only one worthy to stand squarely before the Father. The only one who can intercede for us. We can only keep Him in the center of our lives by acknowledging the stain our own sin and purity of the slain yet living Lamb, Jesus Christ.

I believe Pastor Rick was saying it took the courage, strength and determination of a lion to carry out what Jesus had to accomplish. Yet it takes the heart and purity of a lamb to be worthy of standing in the center of the throne room before our heavenly Father.