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Nov 28, 2021

A Truth-less Church

Passage: Revelation 2:18-29

Preacher: David Carter

Series: Seven Prophetic Oracles



November 28, 2021

A Truth-less Church                Revelation 2:18-29


Sermon Summary: Jesus' encouragement to his people is to persevere to the end (the whole point of Revelation), but there are obstacles that will make that impossible. In Thyratira, Jesus warns us that a lack of truth will keep us from making it. If we're going to persevere to the end, then we will follow the lead of our Savior and love in truth. That means knowing the Truth, speaking the truth, and living the truth.

A Warning to a Truth-less Church

The Danger of a Truth-less Church Being a Truth-filled Church

Know the Truth Speak the Truth Live the Truth

Questions to discuss with your friends and family

  1. What feelings and reactions does the description of Jesus

evoke in you? What effect does this description affect have on how you receive the encouragement, warning, and exhortation that follows?

  1. How would you describe a church that is big on love but

lacking truth? What would a church that is big on love AND truth look like?

  1. Why is truth so essential to loving another? How does Jesus help us understand loving in truth?
  2. Why do you think truth is so important to a Christian so they might persevere to the end?