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Aug 26, 2018

Here Comes the Judge

Passage: Jude 1:12-16

Preacher: Rick John

Series: Fight the Good Fight


Date: August 26, 2018

Series: Fight the Good Fight

Title: Here Comes the Judge

Text: Jude 12-16

  1. What is similar about Cain, Balaam, and Korah? Jude 11.
  2. Why would an apostate be a blemish at the love Feast? See ! Corinthians 11:27-28
  3. How does God respond to self-serving Shepherds in Ezekiel 34:8-10?
  4. What is similar about the clouds and tress in Jude 12? See Proverbs 25:14
  5. What is significant about the wave being wild in Jude 13? Stars wandering in Jude 13?
  6. Why does Jude use the picture of animals in Jude 16? How is this like Cain?
  7. Why is flattering such a sin in Jude 16? See 2 Timothy 4:3-4 and Matthew 24:4-5 and 10-13.