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Dec 02, 2018

Jesus: Our Brother

Passage: Romans 8:29

Preacher: Rick John

Series: Jesus, The Firstborn Son


December 2, 2018

Series: Jesus the Firstborn Son

Title: Jesus, Our Brother

Text:  Romans 8:28-30

  1. Why is the firstborn son in a Jewish family blessed? Genesis 49:3
  2. What place of the Levites have in the community? Number 3:12-13
  3. Why is the promise in Romans 8:28 so comforting to believers? Why is it stated in such broad terms: “all things?”  How does Genesis 50:19-20 illustrate this promise?
  4. What is God’s definition of good according to Romans 8:29?
  5. How can you celebrate God’s goodness in Romans 8:30? What is significant about all these verbs written in the past tense?
  6. What will Jesus do with His inheritance according to Romans 8:17-18?