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Nov 14, 2021

Life through Death

Passage: Revelation 2:8-11

Preacher: Rick John

Series: Seven Prophetic Oracles


November 14, 2021         series: Seven Prophetic Oracles

Revelation 2:8-11             “Life Through Death”


In this oracle to Smyrna, Jesus makes 5 declarations

to inspire them to be faithful until death.


  1. Jesus did die but ____________________________ 2:8

       Jesus is eternal


       Jesus is alive


  1. They are poor but ___________________________. 2:9a

       Poverty comes by afflictions


       Riches come through Jesus!



  1. They are slandered but _______________________. 2:9b

       Slander is real


       Source is Satan



  1. They will suffer but _______________________. 2:10a

He predicts suffering


       He predicts testing



5, They will lose their lives but _______________. 2:10b-11

       Jesus will give them a crown


       Jesus gives them eternal life