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Mar 17, 2019

The Good Son

Passage: Matthew 21:28-32

Preacher: Rick John

Series: Good Parables


March 17, 2019                             Series: Good Parables

Matthew 21:28-32                                 “The Good Son”


  1. Setting: His Authority is questioned. Matthew 21:23-27


  1. Where?


  1. When?


  1. Who?


  1. What question is asked? (23)


  1. How does Jesus answer? (24-27)


  1. Story: Two Sons.  Mathew 21:28-32


  1. We hear the Word but do not Listen. (28)


  1. Our Actions betray our words. (29-30)


  1. Repentance is required for everyone. (31-32)



Conclusion:  Mt 21:42




Date: March 17, 2019

Series: Good Parables

Text: Matthew 21:28-32

Title: “The Good Son”

  1. Study the context of Isaiah 56:7-8 and Jeremiah 7:9-11. Why are these quotes so appropriate in the story of the cleansing of the temple in Matthew 21:12-13.
  2. Why is it significant that Jesus’ authority is questioned in Matthew 21:23-27? How does Jesus answer?  Why does he include the ministry of John in his response?
  3. What is the main point of the parable of the sons in Matthew 21:28-32? Study the repentance illustrated in Luke 15:7,10 and 17.  Why is repentance so necessary?  How does John’s baptism illustrate our need for repentance?
  4. How does this message offend the leaders? The truth is expanded by Jesus in the parable in Matthew 21:33-43.  Why is this second parable so offensive?